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Laidlaw Auctioneers & Valuers are a refreshing antidote to the often stale traditionalism of the auction world. We are evangelical in our belief that auctions offer the most exciting of shopping experiences, with all the drama of the theatre combined with the thrill of a day at the races.  We are one of the few auction houses to offer weekend specialist auctions, opening up these events to the widest possible audience.

Our auctions offer an exceptional route to market for prospective sellers. We market clients' property with passion and enthusiasm, being totally committed to achieving excellent results. In the interests of securing the best possible prices for our clients we employ youthful talent to fully exploit the Internet. At the same time we take great pride in our auctioneering heritage, producing precise traditional catalogues supported by professional photography.

This enthusiasm and professionalism, backed by proven expertise, brings the best possible auction experience to both sellers and buyers

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