Mobile phones, cameras and watches have one thing in common; we all own a succession of them throughout the course of a lifetime, and yet seldom dispose of the old ones. Furthermore, watches in particular are a very personal possession, and inherited examples often exercise a special sentimental hold on the descendants of their original owners. For this reason large numbers of long neglected watches are to be found in the back of many a bureau drawer or jewellery box, passed down through generations, with clocks often going unloved and unwound. From wristwatches to long case clocks, as an auction house we are commonly presented with such accumulations of timepieces. While some of these remnants to time long-since past are of but modest value, most are collectable to some extent, and others are valuable in the extreme. 

In our modern, brand-driven economy, names such as Rolex, Omega and Breitling are as familiar as Mercedes and Ferrari. Demand for elite watches is strong, and prices for such are steadily on the rise. We are experienced in valuing, marketing and selling antique and prestigious timepieces of all periods, and have an eager audience for such.